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Get paid on Monday's & Friday's (2x a week) using Cash App, Venmo, or PayPal.

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Earn on 4 tiers of downlines (optional)

Commission structure for team builders:
Tier 1 downline - 4%
Tier 2 downline - 3%
Tier 3 downline - 2%
Tier 4 downline - 1%

Cash bonuses, monthly incentives, giveaways!

Lots of ways to get a raise in your commissions. 1. Get $500 in sales in 1 month you will get a 2% commission raise 2. Get $800 in sales in 1 month you will get 3% commission raise. 3. Get $1,200 in sales in 1 month you will get 5% commission raise. You will have to have made at least $250 in sales each month after your commission raise to be able to maintain the commission raise. 

To be a team leader you will have to have at least 10 active team members and you also have to be an active member. Active = made at least $100 in sales in a month. If you become a Team Leader you will earn a %5 commission raise. Once you get the raise in commissions for being a Team Leader you also have to maintain at least $250 in personal sales each month to be able to maintain the commission raise. 

** Effective 6/24/22 - in order to earn commission on your downline you must have a personal sale within the past 1 month (30 days). Otherwise, the commission will be forfeited.

Every month we will have a new incentive and if you want a chance to earn it you will have to follow instructions given in the Facebook group. ( Example....this month every order counts as an entry into the drawing for the $100 store credit. I made a post in the group for everyone to comment the order # for every order you get or make. If you do not comment it will not count for an entry into the drawing. ) This is just to help track the orders easier. 

If you have any questions regarding the above information please reach out to me and I will be happy to help. Email is best and fastest way to get in touch.! Can't wait to begin working with each of you! 

IMPORTANT: According to FTC regulations, you are required to state that you are an affiliate when using your affiliate links to promote The Curvy Leopard Boutique